CIMI is specialized in strengthening the future fitness of companies, through brand building and brand refinement based on the values of global change, both in consulting and sales area.

Global change is no slogan any more, it is already reality!

Especially a global shift of emphases is taking place in the worldwide value system.
This change of paradigm  blows up all experience, imagination and declaration mechanisms up to now. It is global, profound and longs for new structures, benchmarks and mindsets, especially in the world of business and economy.

What exactly does this mean for an entrepreneur, for a company?
To change the old patterns in order to achieve new structures!

This means integrating the capability, ability and responsibility for the future in the daily business concepts - in one word integrate Futurebility®

For CIMI the linchpin, the output and the goal of all business and communication efforts is and remains the real person. Future success combines optimized material interest with corresponding emotional interest !